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Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave-Photon Pulse™ (QVSWPP)
Certified Practitioner Training

QVSWPP™ is a fully integrated alchemical non-dual energy from the Source-Zero Point. The neutral Quantum Vortex™ connects all into Oneness. It is un-polarized and non-dual. It is the touch of the CREATOR, the spiral/vortex is the Quantum Scalar Energy Signature that is found everywhere in the Universe. The Quantum Vortex™ is transmitted via the photon –pulse from the galactic centre onto 5-D earth which is currently passing through the centre of our Milky Way galaxy. This merger is going to revolutionise and spearhead the healing systems currently prevalent in the world.

What is the Uniqueness of QVSWPP™ and why is it an organic healing modality?

QVSWPP™ is a signature of the SOURCE-Zero Point; it is singular and neutral at all times. People with the 3D and 4D grids can receive the emissions and people who have upgraded to the 5D+ Holographic Grids after completing the 0-7 AwaKeNiN, TrANsForMaTioN sessions can receive as well as become the transmitters of the QVSWPP™, just like the Galactic Centre. Quantum Vortex™ emissions transmitted by a 5D+ initiate to just one person can be felt by all others simultaneously. From one atom to other atoms. It is the Unified Collective Consciousness. It is devoid of hierarchies, dimensional games and battles of polarity and duality consciousness. It allows the transmitter to experience the non-doer self. This zero-point energy when used for self healing or on others can transform the ungrounded 3D to 5D consciousness on our planet currently.

How does Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse™ work?

QVSWPP™ is a self referring, auto scan and auto heal upgrade system; the emissions coming out from 5D+ holographic Grids, encode and activate everything one touches and connects to, even while asleep. It is not electromagnetic healing, it is purely neutral (scalar) so free of female and male polarity. Neutral energy is like (+ +). It is spatial in nature and therefore can be everywhere in the present moment. When hands are placed on the shoulders QVSWPP™ gets an instant scan of the hologram the body-soul are, like fractals the soul, the human body with organs and all subtle bodies are seen as one Quantum of light and healing happens instantaneously because of its spatial connection to the SOURCE.

What is the Practitioner training format to become a certified Practioner?

28 training hours or merits on Live Webinar or Residential Retreat are pre-requisite to qualify for a certification process. All Spin Active Grid Masters (Initiates) who have completed the 0-7 AwaKeNiN TrANsForMaTioN sessions can register for the training.

When is the certificate given after the Practitioner Training hours?

To be certified after the 28 hour training there is a requirement of 20 healings done within 1 year. Document the name of the person and date on the healing done and email it to kavs@kosmicfusion.com. Remote viewing will be done of the 20 healings conducted with a scan of the energy ejections of the QVSWPP™ from the 5D+ Grid Initiates. For the certification 20 mandatory healings should be done on family and friends.
After the certification why it is mandatory to register with Cosmic Fusion™ before professional healings are done?
Every certified Practitioner who wishes to do professional healing for the public will have to register with Cosmic Fusion™ and renew the certificate yearly.

Why is there a 15% royalty to Cosmic Fusion™ for certified and registered professional healings?

15% from each healing done professionally will be given to Cosmic Fusion™ International as royalty. In return there is a guaranteed remote viewing of every healing done by the certified Practioner and all new upgrades will be offered free of cost. Generally there will be 2 upgrade training offered every year free of cost on Webinars. No contamination will be permitted and certificate will be cancelled on any kind of misconduct or misuse to maintain the integrity of Cosmic Fusion™.

IMPORTANT WARNING: Certified and Registered QVSWPP™ Practitioners are strictly prohibited from removing the Karmic 3 and 4 Dimensional etheric bodies during professional healing sessions. .Any etheric damage to the subtle bodies or the soul of the healee will be binding on the Practitioner only.

Cosmic Fusion™ or KaVeeTa SuNiEl are not responsible for any physical/mental/emotional or energetic damage caused to the healer or the healee.

Energy exchange is $1111 for 28 hour training on a 4 day Webinar on 2 weekends

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